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Elite Shoulder Slings
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Elite Shoulder Slings

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The Elite Shoulder Sling is a premium model designed for patients who require positional arm support and immobilization for upper extremity injuries and surgeries. This sling features breathable mesh, open-cell foam to reduce weight, and pre-bent padding that reduces pressure points. It has a universal design that can be used on either shoulder and includes side clasps for easy application.

• Breathable mesh 30-degree abduction pillow and shoulder sling
• Quick-release buckles
• Dual reinforced elbow section
• Adjustable mesh neck padding
• Exercise ball
• Two sizes based on arm length
• Universal left or right arm

Recommended for
• Immobilization for rotator cuff repairs
• Capsular shifts
• Glenohumeral dislocations
• Bankart repairs
• Subluxation
• Soft tissue repairs and strains

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