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Genu Ligaflex
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Genu Ligaflex

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The Genu Ligaflex knee brace is designed to provide a full range of motion and pain relief for anyone who plays or works hard on their knees. Its biaxial hinge and four semi-circular support straps allow the ligament to move naturally, while the silicone guides help keep patella tracking in place. Plus, our wrap-around shape makes it easy to put on and wear under clothing all day long.

• Anterior wrap closure model: ultra-easy to fit with speed clips
• Medical grade compression
• Hyper-flexible knitted areas in the popliteal crease and proximal edge
• Semi-rounded straps for improved comfort
• TM5 Hinge technology
• Dual tab calf strap improves suspension
• Integrated anti-slip silicone in the thigh section
• Aluminum uprights provide lateral stability
• Double adjustable hook-and-loop tabs help optimize the placement of uprights

Recommended for
• Resumption of non-contact sports and regular daily activities after mild or moderate knee injuries.

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