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Genu OA Unloader
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Genu OA Unloader

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Relieve pain and inflammation while increasing mobility and improving quality of life. The Action Reliever uses compression and a patented three-point strapping system to create a comfortable and easy-to-apply brace with an ultra-low-profile look and fit.

Recommended for
• Mild to moderate medial or lateral osteoarthritis
• simple application for active patients looking for a slim and comfortable OA bracing solution.

• Inflammation-reducing compression and alignment-enhancing stabilization
• Three-point strapping system relieves pain and increases mobility
• Ultra-low-profile fit disappears under clothing
• Super slim magnetic buckles for an easy self-connect

• Medial or lateral OA
• Right or left leg

SD Medical has over 22 years of experience in helping people get back to their lives. We understand the stress of having to have surgery as well as dealing with the pain and frustration of reduced mobility.

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