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Genu ProMaster
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Genu ProMaster

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The Genu ProMaster Knee Sleeve is an excellent knitted and supportive knee sleeve. The Y pad provides support to the patellar tendon, preventing pinching and imbalanced forces through the knee cap while preventing irritation in the knee joint. The nubs stimulate the thigh muscles to enhance healing and recovery.

Y pad
• Patella support
• Surrounding tissue is massaged, extending right up to the thighs
• The distal area of the pad is cut out to relieve pressure on the edge of the shinbone

Comfortable, firm fit
• Gradual change in compression prevents pinching
• Breathable knit fabric with 3-D texture for comfort

Grips on both sides
• Make it easier to apply the soft brace
• Patent pending

Welded spiral springs
• Enhanced stabilization of the knee joint
• Gently support knee movement without obstructing it
• Stop the brace from slipping

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