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GenuStart ROM
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GenuStart ROM

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The GenuStart L1820 offers Townsend hinge technology and a variety of fit and treatment options designed for a superior patient experience. Comfortable and versatile, it offers a wide range of adjustments to ensure the knee is set in the optimal position at all times. The GenuStart L1820 has the convenience and versatility to adapt to any number of patient needs with simple on-the-go treatment options.

• Easy to fit, adjust and adapt with sleeve or wrap styling, available in short and long lengths
• Open patella buttress for increased stability and support
• Patented Townsend TM5 hinge options replicate the natural movement of the knee
• Alternating strap pattern prevents rotation and improves suspension
• Anatomically shaped medial/lateral aluminum stays for superior support

Recommended For
• Functional treatment of the knee before or after surgery,
• Rehabilitation following mild to moderate sprains of the cruciate and/or collateral ligaments,
• Knee ligament injuries or ruptures and instability of the knee joint.

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