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Ligaflex Pro
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Ligaflex Pro

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The Ligaflex pro wrist brace offers exceptional immobilization and protection of the sprained or injured wrist. Very high-quality aerated, the foam-lined fabric is used to ensure optimum comfort while worn. It is easy to fit, adjust and remove. The stay forms optimal support for the joint and provides excellent pain relief during rehabilitation. This brace can help patients suffering from Carpal Tunnel who have not yet had surgical intervention.

• Anatomical, a conformable splint that massages the palm of the hand
• Lightweight and breathable micro-aerated 3D fabric
• Thumb spica for additional support
• Easy-to-use Quick Lacing System
• Available in left or right

Recommended for
• Wrist sprains
• Thumb sprains
• Scaphoid fractures
• Tendinitis and tendon disorders of the wrist
• Thumb tendon disorders
• Inflammatory phases of rheumatic diseases
• Chronic post-traumatic or post-operative irritations
• Arthritis
• Wrist osteoarthritis

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