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Malleo ProMaster
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Malleo ProMaster

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Malleo ProMaster is a unique and effective ankle bandage with enhanced proprioceptive effect, pads and integrated pronation reins for compression and guidance of the ankle. This ankle support improves the stability in your joint and offers both therapeutic and preventive function against injuries, especially for athletes.

Anatomically shaped pads
• Effectively support the ankle with medical grade 22mmhg-25mmhg compression
• FlexAir structure guarantees the circulation of air

Patented pronation strapon Malleo PROMASTER Aktiv
• Enhanced forefoot stability
• Additional protection against the foot buckling inwards
• Thus preventing resulting additional stress on the ankle ligaments and tendons

Recommended for
• Post-traumatic, postoperative and chronic inflammation
• Sprains
• Joint effusions and oedema linked to arthritis and joint disease
• Moderate joint instability

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