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Manu ProMaster
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Manu ProMaster

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The Manu ProMaster is designed to provide compression, stabilization and wrist protection. It features a volar splint and reinforced proprioceptive effect designed to give you a comfortable fit while providing you with immobilizing support.

Elastic compression strap and plantar splint
• Enhanced stabilization of the wrist

Soft-knit joint
• Maximum comfort at the junction between thumb and index finger

Grip on the inside arm
• Helps when putting the soft brace on

FlexAir pad
Relieves pressure on the nerves
• Alleviates pain
• Adjusts snugly to the shape of the body

Recommended for
•Tendinitis and tendon disorders of the wrist
•Post-traumatic, postoperative and chronic inflammation
•Joint effusions and oedema linked to arthritis and joint disease

SD Medical has over 22 years of experience in helping people get back to their lives. We understand the stress of having to have surgery as well as dealing with the pain and frustration of reduced mobility.

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