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PRO Master PFS
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PRO Master PFS

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The Genu PFS Promaster knee brace incorporates joint splints and a patella traction system to ensure an even pressure distribution. The exposed pad allows direct skin contact, providing a comfortable fit and heightened body awareness. The shallow, laterally integrated hinges with extension stops contribute to knee joint stabilization. This, in turn, centers the patella during movement, reducing pain and alleviating strain on the knee joint. With its advanced functionality, this knee brace not only stabilizes but also corrects malpositions, setting a high standard in orthotic support.

Recommended for
• Patello-femoral pain syndrome
• Severe degenerative changes in the patella glide path
• Post-operative therapy after MPFL and lateral release
• Patellar lateralization
• Patellar instability
• Patellar luxation and subluxation
• Retropatellar arthrosis

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