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Silistab Achillo
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Silistab Achillo

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The Silistab Achillo is a full-length ankle brace designed to treat Achilles tendon disorders. It is made of a compressive knit fabric with silicone inserts to provide support, while the dimpled silicone knits in this brace have a massage effect. It also features anatomically shaped knitting around the malleoli and patented pull tabs for easy fitting.

• Medical grade compression
• Soft silicone heel inserts (pair) available in 3 heights
• Dimpled Achilles silicone posterior insert for tendon protection and massage
• Elastic knit for optimal malleoli comfort
• Patented pull tabs for easy application and removal
• Universal left or right

Recommended for
• Achilles tendon injuries, including enthesitis/tendonitis/tenosynovitis/bursitis
• Haglund’s disease/achillodynia following Achilles tendon surgery.

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