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SpryStep OA Carbon Brace
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SpryStep OA Carbon Brace

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The SpryStep OA Brace has patented LoadShifter technology, giving patients the power to control the effects of OA with the ability to increase corrective force for greater pain relief when they need it the most.

Recommended for: Moderate to severe medial or lateral osteoarthritis as well as patients who have OA in combination with ligament instability

• Dual adjustable LoadShifters
• Thuasne’s patented TM5+ hinge
• Exclusive Synergistic Suspension Strap
• Rotation control tibial shell
• Greater shell-to-skin contact for maximum control (Full Shell Design)

• 30.5cm - 40.7cm (12”- 16”) shell lengths
• Compression/Suspension anti-migration package
• Flexion stop kit (extension stop kit included)

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