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Uni Reliever BOA
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Uni Reliever BOA

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The Uni Reliever BOA knee brace is a powerful OA correction in a brace that’s lightweight, flexible, and easy to wear. It is a universal OA bracing solution that offers targeted relief and personalized fit with trusted Thuasne hinge technology. Featuring correction targets and individualized force offloading, the cross-strap system with BOA dial technology makes it easy for patients to control their correction for greater pain relief.

• Consolidated cross-strapping system with buttress designed to alleviate OA through evenload disbursement
• Thuasne motion hinge technology with range of motion control
• Flexible open cuffs for a comfortable and breathable fit
• Antimicrobial and anti-migration padding with non-slip silicone webbing
• Formable uprights and trimmable straps
• BOA® fit system for precise force adjustment

Recommended for
• Conditions requiring moderate to severe osteoarthritis uni-compartmental offloading
• Meniscal cartilage repair
• Avascular necrosis
• Varus and valgus instability

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