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XLR8 Walking Boot
SD Bracing

XLR8 Walking Boot

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The XLR8 Walking Boot provides the patient with the support and protection necessary for walking. It has two adjustable straps that allow the patient to customize the fit based on their unique needs and comfort level. This walking boot cast also provides a precise anatomical fit and protection for the toe, foot and ankle while allowing them to walk naturally and comfortably.

• Full shell structure for optimal immobilization
• Pneumatic bladder with built-in air pump
• Comfortable padded insole
• Easy to inflate and deflate
• Shock absorbing outer sole rocker allows smooth and natural gait

Recommended for
• Ligament and tendon-related trauma or injuries
• Severe sprains
• Stable fracture of the foot and front of the foot
• Pre/postoperative ankle stabilization

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